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YDS products are established on precise manufacturing techniques of thin film resistors. We manufacture and sell several kinds of electronic products with thin film technologies. Our unique products have high performance, high stability, high frequency, precise manufacturing techniques and superior features. And we are happy to help you realize your special specification with our thin film technologies.

** New Products **


 Thin Film Attenuator PAT0510S

It is compact size, consisting of high precision thin film and has high performance. We can serve products with more excellent performance and higher density mounting than the elements consisting of combination circuit of several resistors. You can save more area in a circuit and design more easily with only one element. Various kinds of YDS’s Thin Film Attenuators are available in many different ways.   



Thin Film Chip Network Resistor  

 YDS's Thin Film Chip Network Resistor has fine tracking performance. This chip network resistor is forming thin film by spattering and resistance value is specified by patterning and high precision laser trimming. On the same substrate, elements are formed out of thin film and have the same characteristics as well as the tendency of change such as tracking resistance temperature coefficient and heat stress. Therefore it can keep the steady tracking ratio. The tracking performance can be maintained even in a combination with different resistors.




Thermo Variable Attenuator

PXV1220  Thermo-variable chip attenuator
  YDS developed and started making shipments of more compact version of PBV1632 (1206 package) whose attenuation changes in dependant on ambient temperature.
  Compared with that previous model, PXV1220 (0805 package) thermo-variable chip attenuator is miniaturized about 50% or less in its area size and has no convex portion on the top surface of the device so that surface mount functionality is improved to a great degree.
  By this single chip, it can make it possible to do temperature compensation in a wireless communication circuit and also to make a difference price-wise as well.
  Please refer to PXV1220 specification for more detail.

4-terminal current sensor RL****L4

This element has high performance at a reasonable price, which is consisting of thin film. There is no difference between the current terminal and the voltage, and wrapped-type  electrode enables to mount easily. 4 types, from 0.5W to 2W, are available. Please refer to products page for more detail.  


Thin Film Power !

We seek the possibility of thin film

YDS has considered natural environment and sought 5H mottos on manufacturing in order to apply to the multiple society situation and the quick change of the marketplace.

High Frequency

High Speed

High Precision

High Reliability

High Density

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 Thermo Variable Attenuators

 Thin Film Attenuators

 Thin Film Terminators

 Thin Film Network Resistor

 Thin Film Chip Resistors  

 Low Value Chip Resistors

 Power dividers

ISO9001 & ISO14001

We are going to merge with Susumu as from April 1, 2017.

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